Hi! I'm Tom!
Customer service professional turned
  • Calm and collected in most everything I do (not perfect, so I'm human). I like to understand what is going on before diving into a solution.
  • You can say I play well with others. Collaboration and teamwork are very important to me in the lifecycle of a product or service.
  • There is always a way to solve a problem. Active listening and asking questions help find the root problem and develop ideas and solutions.
  • Square pegs don't fit in round holes!! While I like a certain design process, projects are different and might require a different path.

I have read a lot of great articles and books from inspiring individuals. This particular quote is from a person I have looked up to since I started my journey in User Experience design. Strategy is a decision that, I believe, can save time, money and most importantly sanity (you can put that in an order that fits you):

"Decisions that are made on the STRATEGY plane, in particular, have a massive ripple effect all the way up the chain. If you screw up on the strategy plane, you'll be paying for it repeatedly over the life of the project."

-Joe Natoli, Author of "THINK FIRST- My No-Nonsense Approach to Creating Successful Products, Powerful User Experiences + Very Happy Customers

My Work

Mobile App
Grant Winning Mobile App

My experience

Having a diverse background in customer service and business analysis, I made the logical switch to UX Design and completed a mentored learning course with Springboard and have been building my skills and experience along with my network since then. My interest is talking to teams that can provide growth as a UX professional all while calling on my strong experiences in relationship building I have gained in my career.

UX Designer
Sept 2017— Present
UX Designer
Urality, LLC
Apr 2019 — Jul 2019
Dir. of Strategy & Entertainment
Jun 2015 — Jan 2016
Oct 2012— Aug 2015
Thanks @Pablo Stanley for theOpen Peeps.

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